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Barbara Blanks ... aka StFlossie

writer, poet, home of A Galaxy of Verse

Barbara Blanks
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aka StFlossie

  writer, poet, editor of A Galaxy of Verse

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Out of the Wreckage--
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Giant Steps, with Mary Winklebleck -- 



Barbara Blanks is the Recording Secretary and Librarian for the Poetry Society of Texas, and a member of Brown Bag Poets. She is also the president and editor of A Galaxy of Verse, a non-profit literary foundation that produces an anthology by the same name.

She retired from writing on assignment for RubberStampMadness, a national stamping magazine, and for The Senior Voice, a Dallas news magazine, in order to devote more time to poetry.

In addition Barbara has written a memoir about her father-in-law (Out of the Wreckage: The Pop Stories), a humorous poetry book (I've Heard Verse: awfully good poetry), and co-authored a young adult novel (Giant Steps). She has also won, placed, or showed in a variety of story and poetry contests, and has been published in a variety places, including Poetry Society of Texas A Book of the Year, National Federation of State Poetry Societies Encore, Writers Journal Magazine, ByLine Magazine, Writer's Digest Prize Poems anthology, Texas Poetry Calendar, Lifting the Sky, and several state poetry anthologies. Her Brown Bag Poets group published their new anthology, The Earth Still Turns, in 2013. This book includes poems from prize-winning poets Linda Banks, Marilyn Stacy, Catherine L'Herisson, Mary Cimarolli, Barbara Blanks, and Pat Randolph.